Our History

Walking in Downtown LAIn 1996, in order to help create a vital, bustling downtown in Los Angeles, Deanna Molloy founded a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public benefit corporation, Angels Walk LA, with the hope of bringing attention to Los Angeles’ history, architecture, and public art, all while encouraging the use of public transit. To that end, Angels Walk LA set about to develop its first historic urban walking trail: Bunker Hill/Historic Core District.

We sought and gained both public and private sector support, working with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (now Metro), various City Council offices, the Mayor’s Office, the Community Redevelopment Agency, private developers, the Bureau of Street Services, the City Architect, the Board of Public Works, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

To determine the route of the walk, Angels Walk LA met with MTA representatives, City Council Members, and stakeholders in the area to get their input. We then put ourselves in the footsteps of the pedestrian to see how the walk could be both entertaining and educational, while using public transit to link together all of the important destinations along the way.

Angels Walk Bunker Hill GuidebookAfter obtaining funding, our first task was to create a pedestrian map of the Bunker Hill/Historic Core District in Downtown. We took it a step further and with the help of a talented and dedicated group of people, created and published a detailed guidebook that told the story of the area’s history, culture and architecture.

While we were working on the guidebook, we had an idea that there should also be a series of on-street historic markers along the walk. Angels Walk StanchionOnce again, in obtaining both approval and funding for this phase of the project, we worked with the City Council and City departments and architects, designers, artists, photographers and writers to create the series of Angels Walk stanchions that now grace streets all over Los Angeles.

After our first walk was completed various Councilmembers, community groups, and business improvement districts (BIDs) requested that we develop an Angels Walk in their neighborhood. To date, we have completed nine walks and are currently developing three more for Central Avenue, Boyle Heights, and East Hollwood/Silverlake.